Reclaim Your Freedom



Reclaim Your Freedom.

Take a fresh look at some of Freedom Innovations' prosthetic devices for lower extremity that can help you get back to your everyday!

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Experience the freedom of movement and enjoy your daily activities from walking to running!

*With the fast responding stumble and fall protection, you can instinctively move at your own pace in any direction.

*Rugged internal components are designed to enhance durability of the knee to keep up with you.

*Water-resistant electronics give you peace of mind when enjoying the outdoors.

Freedom Kinnex
Freedom Kinnex

Connect with breakthrough technology for a uniquely stable and natural walking experience!

*Built-in sensors ensure you'll be able to instantly adapt to varying terrain characteristics.

*Extended range of articulation helps reduce socket pressure so you'll enjoy more comfort whether hiking, walking, or even sitting.

*Smart phone app allows you to fine tune performance and comfort settings.

Freedom Maverick

Take your extreme activities up a notch or two...or just stride comfortably through your day!

*The superb durability and flexibility inherent of fiberglass material exceed your highest demands.

*The innovative heel/keel design provides you with excellent energy return and a smooth stance phase roll-over.

*The split keel of the AT version gives you 32° coronal motion for enhanced ground compliance on uneven terrains.


Walk exceptionally normal - regardless of surface angle or speed!

*12 range of motion and a posterior pivot give you a gait closer to biological norms on slopes.

*The dorsi-assist aids you in toe clearance during swing phase to prevent stumbles and falls.

*Split keel and heel increase your ground contact and stability.