Personal Journeys



Meet our Panelists. Get to know your fellow amputees whose  personal story may possibly resonate with your own...



Amy Bream

Amy Bream is an active 25-year-old who loves coffee, sarcasm, and music.  She was born with a birth defect that caused her to not have the majority of her right leg.  She's used a prosthesis since she was old enough to learn how to walk, and her journey has led her to try new physical activities and share what she's learned (and is still learning) with others who may have a similar story to hers.

Check out her personal blog at


Autumn Jones

Autumn Jones is a mid-western girl who landed in California in her quest for sand and sunshine. As a medical social worker, Autumn is constantly challenging herself to ingest the lesson, rather than focus on the difficulty. Thankfully, any of those lessons have included beautiful gifts of joy, laughter, and love. Autumn has embraced them all!


Brett Botelho

Brett Botelho splits his time living between California and Colorado. In the summer, he lives in Southern California and trains, goes to the beach and spends time with his Husky Avalanche, whom you may recognize. In the winter, he lives in Frisco, CO where he trains for the US Paralympic Snowboard team and enjoys the mountains. He became an amputee on 12/1/14 and hasn't looked back since.  He is also the author of his self-written book: Standing My Own Ground - Getting Back Up When It Seems Impossible, which was released to the public in October 2017.


Deborah Moore

Deborah is a breast cancer survivor in 2005 and a quadruple amputee in 2008 due to septicemia into disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).  She is married to an awesome husband with two adult children and three grandsons.  She is a Health Technician, Licensed Phlebotomist, and Water Safety Instructor.  She loves the outdoors and is now living life again.  She is also active whenever possible to help fellow amputees learn through her experience in her journey.


Denise Hoffmann

Being an amputee, as a result of having bone cancer as a child, for over 25 years has been quite a journey for Denise Hoffmann. After being a patient for many years, she became a pediatric nurse and met her husband in that same hospital that took care of her.  She is now a nurse, a wife, a mother of 3 girls, a patient advocate, a lover of nature and adventures, and she wouldn't have it any other way.


Jack Green

Jack Green is a father, grandfather, husband, sports and corporate attorney, professor, and CEO.  He is enjoying semi-retirement by playing lots of golf, tennis and pickleball while staying professionally engaged.

He lives in Oceanside, CA.


Jack Hemby

Jack Hemby is a 43-year-old highly motivated police detective living in Georgia.  He's been RBKA since 2016 due to a work-related injury that occurred in 2000.  He's a family man, a musician, and a gym rat.  He believes that laughter is the best medicine and a dream is just a goal without a timeline.


Josh Green

Josh Green is a RAKA for over 30 years.  He's a dad to 3 amazing kids, basketball and baseball coach, and retired chef.  He tries to always have a positive attitude and never tells himself he can't do things.

He lives near Cleveland, OH.


Robly Hart

Robly Hart is a building inspector.  Since becoming a BKA in 2009 from a motorcycle accident., Robly has always strived to lead a normal life despite obstacles as he believes nothing cannot be overcome.


Robert Poirier

As a right, above-knee amputee, Robert Poirier has lived a full life of ever increasing responsibility and he is now enjoying an active retirement. He received his first prosthesis in 1965, carved from a block of wood by a master craftsmen. At this point in his life, he loves to walk around Disneyland and ride his bike. He and his wife also go on camping trips with their trailer.



When Sean Reyngoudt lost his leg at age 19, he never imagined the tragedy would result in his becoming a professional extreme sports athlete. Today, he is the world’s only professional amputee kiteboarder and wakeboarder. As well as his own triumphs, he’s introducing kiteboarding to millions of able-bodied and amputee thrill-seekers across the country with more on the way for the world of competitive adaptive surfing. Sean has kept up, pushing for more one wave at a time.

Growing up in Florida, Sean now lives in Puerto Rico.